Davenport Ranch Dentist Featured in Life in Davenport Magazine

Thompson Dentistry is proud to be featured in the latest issue of Life in Davenport, a social magazine for the neighborhood residents of Davenport Ranch and Davenport West.

Development began on Davenport Ranch in the 1980s, and the Westlake neighborhood has flourished ever since. While the neighborhood is served by a neighborhood association newsletter distributed via mail on a monthly basis, the Life in Davenport magazine is a hyper-local monthly magazine publication distributed in print to neighborhood residents.  First published in 2012, Life in Davenport is a full color robust publication that has grown in size, content, and quality since its inception.

Life in Davenport Magazine

Davenport Ranch Family Dentist Office

Life in Davenport magazine highlighted the neighborhood open house that was held marking the grand opening of Thompson Dentistry’s Westlake private dental practice. In addition to local business owners and dental professionals, the open house was attended by a number of local Davenport Ranch residents. The open house was an excellent opportunity for residents to see the new state of the art facilities, check out the hill country views, and meet Davenport Ranch dentist Dr. Ann Thompson.

Austin Dentist on Highway 360

Naturally, with Thompson Dentistry being featured in the Life in Davenport magazine, the dental office is easy to access for Davenport Ranch residents. However, in addition, being on highway 360 at Westlake Drive provides easy access to all residents in the 78746 zip code, and beyond, as 360 continues to grow in popularity as both a commuting and key navigation artery of Austin.

Dr. Ann Thompson’s private Austin dental practice is located at the southwest corner of 360 and Westlake Drive in the San Clemente shopping center. Thompson Dentistry is currently accepting new patients, partners with all PPO dental insurance plans, and welcomes you to make an Austin dental appointment.

Davenport Ranch Family Dentist

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