New Austin Cell Phone Law to Reduce Distracted Driving

The city of Austin has been campaigning to prepare residents for new Austin distracted driving restrictions that are to go into effect on January 1, 2015.

Austin Texas Cell Phone Law

On August 28, 2014, the Austin City Council adopted Ordinance No. 20140828-041 amending section 12-1-34 of the City Code to prohibit the use of portable electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle.

The new Ordinance outlines that unless using a hands-free system such as Bluetooth or headphones, or a permanently affixed GPS system, use of portable devices while moving in a car or on a bike will be a citable offense beginning January 1, 2015.

The popularity of similar “hands free” cell phone laws and legislation by state continues to grow.  In Texas, both Austin and San Antonio are the forerunners in implementing actual law, with bans on handheld cell phone and other device use going into effect January 1, 2015.

Commercial Development on Austin Highway 360

Loop 360, or Capital of Texas Highway as it’s known to some, in west Austin has multiple commercial development projects underway at present. The north / south artery for a growing west Austin is now lined with neighborhoods, retail, and mid-rise office buildings that strive to make the most out of the surrounding Hill Country views and terrain.

The latest commercial development on 360 is a multi-story office building at the northwest corner of 360 and Westlake Drive dubbed 3700 San Clemente (3700 North Capital of Texas Highway Austin, TX 78746). It’s slated to be the largest office building on Highway 360.

3700 San Clemente will be a 250,000 square foot 5-story class A office building that boasts approximately 50,000 square feet per floor, 49 acres of Hill Country views, balconies, a workout facility and showers, and 40 executive parking spaces located beneath building that complements the onsite parking decks.

Cranes at 3700 San Clemente went in the air earlier this year and the development pace has been quick, visible changes noticeable on a weekly basis. For more details on the building itself, the 3700 San Clemente webpage provides a solid high level feel for what the building will be and the 3700 San Clemente video gives you aerial views of what the finished project will look like in the context of the surrounding Westlake area.

3700 San Clemente at Davenport

3700 San Clemente Austin

3700 North Capital of Texas Highway Austin TX 78746

Private Austin Dentist Serves Highway 360 Businesses & Beyond

3700 San Clemente will be adjacent to existing Austin powerhouse businesses on 360, such as Bazaarvoice and VMware, and just down the 360 corridor from Austin firms like National Instruments and Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Spiceworks, a 2006 local Austin startup focused on IT network management applications that has raised over $100 million in venture capital funding and employs more than 350 employees, will serve as one of the anchor tenants for 3700 San Clemente.  Spiceworks plans to move from its current headquarters on Ranch to Market Road 2222 sometime in 2015 upon the completion of 3700 San Clemente.

Thompson Dentistry (at the southwest corner of 360 and Westlake Drive) is proud to conveniently serve patients from local Austin businesses, like Spiceworks who currently provides its employees with Humana dental insurance or National Instruments that currently offers employees Metlife dental insurance.

Dr. Ann Thompson and the team at her private dental practice in the San Clemente development at 360 and Westlake Drive offer patients convenient access to a top ranked Yelp! Austin dentist, beautiful Hill Country views from a massaging dental chair, and a personal TV to watch your favorite show on Netflix!

Thompson Dentistry Celebrates First Anniversary

One year ago, Thompson Dentistry opened its doors at the southwest corner of 360 and Westlake Drive in west Austin, and we are thrilled to celebrate the completion of our first year in business and brimming with excitement about the practice continuing to grow in the years ahead!

It was March 11, 2013 that Thompson Dentistry opened for business, and a big thank you goes out to our patients, staff, colleagues, and family and friends who have made Thompson Dentistry what it is and will continue to shape it moving forward. Dr. Ann Thompson has strived to create a private Austin dental practice that is focused on high quality esthetic, conservative, and comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry in a comfortable and relaxing home-like environment, and we’re delighted about the 5 star reviews received from our valued patients on both Yelp and Google since practice inception.

The past 12 months at Thompson Dentistry have given the team the opportunity to build great relationships in the surrounding Austin Westlake community, welcome new patients from all over Austin and central Texas, and enjoy some creative fun along the way!

  • Our open house in March 2013 welcomed Davenport Ranch and local Austin residents, local business owners, and members of the Austin dental community and served as a warm welcome kickoff to the grand opening of Thompson Dentistry.
  • In August 2013, Thompson Dentistry sponsored the first ever Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway where one lucky winner received a free Zoom teeth whitening session at our office – kick back in a massaging dental chair, watch Netflix, and your teeth magically get whiter!
  • Halloween was a blast in 2013 as Thompson Dentistry hosted “Trick or Treat at Thompson Dentistry” as a patient appreciation event with snacks, treats, and a free Sonicare toothbrush drawing.
  • November 2013 saw Thompson Dentistry participate in the Austin Touch a Truck event at Bridge Point Elementary which raised more than $37,000 for the Austin Children’s Shelter.

What a great year, a warm and sincere thank you for making it all possible!

Austin Dental Insurance Benefits | Use It or Lose It 2013

When temperatures start dipping below 50 in Austin on a consistent basis, and you begin seeing families decorating pine trees on highway 360 with Christmas decorations, you know we’re reaching the end of the year. Did you know that many dental insurance plan benefits run out at the end of the year? Do you have dental treatment that you have been postponing, or need a professional dental exam and cleaning?

Now’s the time to schedule an appointment to make sure you utilize your dental benefits before they are gone for good! Call 512-900-9697 to schedule now, or request a dental appointment via our website. Appointments are filling up fast, so don’t delay!

With most dental benefits not rolling over to the next calendar year, there are many good reasons to follow through on completing dental work before year’s end, here are two of them.

  1. You Paid for Your Dental Benefits – most Austin residents pay a monthly premium for dental insurance, the dental benefits that stem from the premium paid are ready and waiting to be used, but many dental insurance plans will be reset at the end of the year.
  2. Preventative Dentistry – consistent exams and cleanings, along with follow through on suggested treatment, can assist patients in maintaining strong oral health and preventing more robust dental procedures and treatment in the future.

2014 will quickly be upon us following what always proves to be a busy holiday season. Reach us at 512-900-9697 with any questions on how we can help in 2013 (and soon to be 2014).

Touch a Truck Austin 2013 | Austin Children’s Shelter

Reflecting back on this past weekend, we were really excited to have the opportunity to be a sponsor of the third annual Touch-a-Truck event held at Bridge Point Elementary School in Austin’s Davenport Ranch neighborhood on November 2, 2013. The event’s proceeds benefited the Austin Children’s Shelter, one of Austin’s leading non-profit organizations that protects and heals children, young adults and families in need through emergency shelter care, a teen parent program and transitional living services.

This year’s Austin Touch a Truck event saw thousands of people, over 2,500, a lot of happy children, and a tremendous amount of support raised for the Austin Children’s Shelter, more than $37,000!

The event began for Thompson Dentistry at approximately 8:30 am in the morning with setting up the sponsor booth, a quick breakfast taco from Texas Honey Ham (another fellow sponsor), and before you knew it, VIP ticket holders began to pour in at 9 am – VIPs had access to free breakfast and an express lane pass to all of the attractions onsite before the event officially began at 10 am.

Touch a Truck Austin 2013 Final Results

The entire Bridge Point Elementary School parking lot was taken over by trucks and vehicles of all sizes, anywhere from a Westlake Fire Department truck, to a Hummer limo, a train, and a number of city of Austin vehicles (street sweeper, police cars with sirens that the kids could turn on, ambulance, etc.). A bounce house, petting zoo, and even an alligator were at Touch-a-Truck 2013. Wait,  an alligator? Allie the Alligator from Thompson Dentistry was on hand, Dr. Ann Thompson used the tooth brushing puppet to show children the proper way to brush their teeth!

Congratulations to both Gorgeous Millie, a teacher led playgroup located in Davenport Village on 360, and Kristin Shaw of Two Cannoli, as the event organizers for what they were able to bring together, it was an exceptional event!

Trick or Treat at Thompson Dentistry

We have a fun day of activity planned at the office for Halloween this year – Thursday October 31, 2013. Stop by anytime between 11:30 am and 5 pm and enjoy complimentary snacks and treats!

Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward! (toothbrushes provided)

Trick or Treat at Thompson Dentistry on Thursday, October 31, 2013 anytime from 11:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Participate in the raffle for a chance to win a free Sonicare toothbrush!

Costumes are encouraged but not required. Stop by on your lunch break if you’re in the area, and we encourage kids and their parents to stop by on their way home from school!

Trick or Treat Halloween Dentist

Westlake Chamber of Commerce Dentist

Dr. Ann Thompson of Thompson Dentistry is excited to become a proud local member of the Westlake Chamber of Commerce. The Westlake Chamber, which got its humble beginnings as the Eanes Business & Professional Association in the late 1980s, now has 250+ members committed to driving growth for local businesses in the community of Austin’s Westlake.

What does a Chamber of Commerce actually do? Susan Difani, the current Administrative Director of the Westlake Chamber of Commerce, paraphrases the definition of a Chamber in a Westlake Picayune article entitled Chambers of commerce have come a long way.

An interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to increase local commerce and serve their communities more effectively than can be done individually.

The Westlake Chamber of Commerce holds several events each month for both members and non-members, anywhere from business builder breakfast networking and local business ribbon cutting ceremonies, to luncheons and happy hours.

Austin Westlake Chamber of Commerce Dentist in the Community

As a Westlake Chamber of Commerce Dentist, Dr. Thompson looks forward to the Second Annual Touch-a-Truck Event on Saturday, November 3, 2013, where Thompson Dentistry will join other sponsors in a community event that gives children the opportunity to touch over 20 vehicles, including a fire truck! Touch-a-Truck will be held at Valley View Elementary School at 1201 S Capital of Texas Highway (aka Highway 360). Proceeds of the Touch-a-Truck Event will benefit the Austin Children’s Shelter, a local Austin organization focused on the provision of residential and non-residential services to children, youth, and families recovering from abuse and neglect.

Austin Westlake Chamber of Commerce Dentist

Austin Says Yes to Zoom Teeth Whitening

We’re quickly approaching the end of Thompson Dentistry’s 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway, but there’s still time to enter before a winner is selected on Monday, September 2, 2013 at our Westlake dental office.

Enter to win the 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway.

Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway

The giveaway is for a Zoom teeth whitening session, free of charge, with local Austin Dentist Dr. Ann Thompson. Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening continues to be the number one patient-requested professional teeth whitening offering on the market today.

The response to the announcement of our first-of-its-kind giveaway has been strong, and signals that Austin says “yes” to teeth whitening.  The giveaway is a unique and creative way to introduce more people to the professional and revolutionary technology that Philips has introduced into the (dental) market.

The giveaway is intended for new patients to Thompson Dentistry who have not yet visited the office and who will complete a dental exam and cleaning before the Zoom procedure. The winner will also receive teeth bleaching trays for continued at-home whitening in the future. For existing patients of Thompson Dentistry interested in whitening their smile, we encourage you to take advantage of our existing patient specials, currently including a Zoom teeth whitening coupon.

The Zoom system taps into proprietary whitening gel and light technology that can brighten teeth up to 8 shades according to clinical studies. Speak with Dr. Ann Thompson today, an official Zoom teeth whitening provider in Austin, about whether a professional approach like Zoom is the right fit for your dental needs.

2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway

Thompson Dentistry is excited to announce the kickoff of the 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway. Enter below to win a Zoom teeth whitening session, free of charge, with Austin Dentist Dr. Ann Thompson.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, also known as Zoom Teeth Whitening, is the number one patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand, and has the capability to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in approximately 45 minutes. Dr. Ann Thompson is an official provider of Zoom teeth whitening in Austin, TX.

The winner of the 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway by Thompson Dentistry will be randomly selected on Monday, September 2, 2013 at our Westlake dental office – the odds of winning depend on the total number of entries received.

Enter now simply by providing your name and email address in the form below and please note the entry guidelines.

The 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway is now complete, please visit our patient specials page for new and exciting offers!

Teeth Whitening Austin

Have you tried an over-the-counter whitening product? The difference between an over-the-counter whitening solution and Zoom teeth whitening is that over-the-counter products are not customized to your needs. With Philips Zoom, the whitening process is tailored to your needs by your dentist, with custom-fitted trays for at-home treatments and just the right light intensity and duration in the dentist’s office.

Free Teeth Whitening App

Try the free Philips Zoom virtual teeth-whitening app to simulate what whiter teeth look like, using your smartphone or tablet. Download the app onto your Apple or Android device now.

The Philips Zoom virtual teeth whitening app for iOS and Android devices lets you see how white your teeth can be with Philips Zoom products. To simulate whitening, flash your smile for your phone or tablet’s camera or use an existing photo on your device.

Once you’ve completed your simulated transformation, call us at 512-900-9697 or contact us online to setup an appointment for professional teeth whitening in Austin. Thompson Dentistry is conveniently located in Austin’s Westlake neighborhood at the intersection of Highway 360 and Westlake Drive.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Austin

Alligators Help Show Local Austin Students How to Brush Teeth

Alligators aren’t terribly common in Austin Texas, but local Austin dentist Dr. Ann Thompson has seemed to tame one of the giant animals to help show young Austin children how to properly brush their teeth.

On June 11th, Dr. Thompson and her Austin dental assistant visited Gorgeous Millie, a teacher led playgroup (referred to as “pre-preschool”) for young children ages 0 to 3 years old based in West Austin’s Davenport Village, to help show young children and their parents how to care for their existing, and soon to come, teeth.

A large and colorful green alligator puppet with a full mouth of teeth waiting to be brushed by an over-sized toothbrush helped the Thompson Dentistry team demonstrate to Gorgeous Millie students the right way to brush your teeth. Students gathered around Dr. Thompson as proper brushing techniques were demonstrated, and those eager to curl up next to the soft and cuddly alligator tooth brushing puppet got a chance to try their hand at mimicking one of the fundamentals of good oral health.

Thompson Dentistry at Austin Gorgeous Millie School

Establishing sound oral health techniques early in life sets children up well as they mature. Gorgeous Millie has a great program, such cute kids!” said Dr. Ann Thompson of her experience at the Westlake Davenport Ranch pre-preschool at Austin’s 360 and Westlake Drive.

Evangelizing dental patient education, for those of all ages, along with meaningful community involvement are important to Westlake cosmetic dentist Dr. Thompson. For the benefit of all, especially the oral health of young Austin children, hopefully this won’t be the last time that we see alligators, safe puppet ones at least, roaming Austin neighborhoods.