2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway

Thompson Dentistry is excited to announce the kickoff of the 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway. Enter below to win a Zoom teeth whitening session, free of charge, with Austin Dentist Dr. Ann Thompson.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, also known as Zoom Teeth Whitening, is the number one patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand, and has the capability to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in approximately 45 minutes. Dr. Ann Thompson is an official provider of Zoom teeth whitening in Austin, TX.

The winner of the 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway by Thompson Dentistry will be randomly selected on Monday, September 2, 2013 at our Westlake dental office – the odds of winning depend on the total number of entries received.

Enter now simply by providing your name and email address in the form below and please note the entry guidelines.

The 2013 Austin Teeth Whitening Giveaway is now complete, please visit our patient specials page for new and exciting offers!

Teeth Whitening Austin

Have you tried an over-the-counter whitening product? The difference between an over-the-counter whitening solution and Zoom teeth whitening is that over-the-counter products are not customized to your needs. With Philips Zoom, the whitening process is tailored to your needs by your dentist, with custom-fitted trays for at-home treatments and just the right light intensity and duration in the dentist’s office.

Free Teeth Whitening App

Try the free Philips Zoom virtual teeth-whitening app to simulate what whiter teeth look like, using your smartphone or tablet. Download the app onto your Apple or Android device now.

The Philips Zoom virtual teeth whitening app for iOS and Android devices lets you see how white your teeth can be with Philips Zoom products. To simulate whitening, flash your smile for your phone or tablet’s camera or use an existing photo on your device.

Once you’ve completed your simulated transformation, call us at 512-900-9697 or contact us online to setup an appointment for professional teeth whitening in Austin. Thompson Dentistry is conveniently located in Austin’s Westlake neighborhood at the intersection of Highway 360 and Westlake Drive.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Austin

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